What Purposes Does The Recycled Orchestra Fill?

Why is the recycled orchestra important to the community?

This project is a testament to the power of music, and the hope that it can bring to a community. Furthermore, it teaches the children about the importance of recycling in the fight against climate change, a key issue in modern day society.

What professional musicians use instruments made of recycled materials?

Since then, the Recycled Orchestra has performed for politicians, monarchs and Pope Francis. The group plays Mozart, Paraguayan folk music, even Frank Sinatra. And the young musicians have backed up artists like Stevie Wonder, Metallica and Megadeth.

Where are recycled orchestras performed?

The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura — a group of youth musicians from Paraguay that play instruments made entirely out of recycled garbage — have been brought to Vancouver by a local non-profit that has spent the last few years collecting disused instruments for the group.

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Why did Favio Chavez go to Cateura?

That’s why Favio Chávez wanted to give music lessons to the children in the slums of Cateura, Paraguay. The instruments sounded good and were so much fun for the children that they very quickly improved their skills.

What problem did Favio Chavez face?

Poverty has forced many children to work with their families instead of attending school, resulting in inadequate education and a low level of literacy. The area also faces frequent flooding, as well as problems with sanitation and clean drinking water.

Who helped Favio Chavez make the musical instruments out of garbage?

In March 2013, Favio Chávez founded Harmony of Cateura with four parents of members of the Orchestra of Recycled Instruments of Cateura: Jorge Ríos (president), Carmen Cabrera (vice president), Patricia Aranda (treasurer) and Dionicia Espínola (secretary).

What instruments can you make out of recycled items?

Make Your Own Instruments from Recycled Materials

  • Drums. For our drums, we used a plastic ice cream container with a lid.
  • Maracas. These “maraca” shakers were very easy to make.
  • Cymbals.
  • Trumpet or Flute.

How do you make an instrument out of household items?

How to Make 52 Homemade Musical Instruments

  1. Plastic Easter Egg Maracas.
  2. Floppy Disc Percussion Instrument.
  3. Ribbon Spool Spin Drums.
  4. 4. Japanese Pellet Drums With Wooden Spoons.
  5. Balloon Skin Drums.
  6. Bell Shakers.
  7. Popsicle Stick Harmonica.
  8. Paper Plate Tambourine.

What are most of musical instruments in Paraguay made of?

what are most of musical instruments in paraguay made of? native trees.

Where does the recycling orchestra gets its name from?

It’s the Recycled Orchestra. It got that name because all the instruments these kids play are made with materials found in the trash. Old water pipes become saxophones.

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Who made the instruments in landfill harmonic?

Film Synopsis Landfill Harmonic follows the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage pieces found in the landfill where their community is settled. When their story goes viral, the orchestra is catapulted into the global spotlight.

Who did landfill harmonic play with?

Kids living in a slum built on a landfill in Paraguay create The Recycled Orchestra. Unable to afford traditional instruments they instead create all of their instruments from trash. When their story goes viral they tour the world, finally realizing their wildest dream: to play with the heavy metal band, Megadeth.

How many families live in Cateura?

About 2,500 families make their homes–and their livelihoods–in and around this dump, sifting through 1,500 tons of solid waste each day to pluck out items for recycling. Recycling is a grim way of life in Cateura, but it also provides a ray of hope, in the form of an unlikely orchestra.

What did Favio Chavez do?

A true visionary, Favio takes the world’s trash and gives back music, and demonstrates that despite extreme poverty, one can transform a community and inspire the world. With help from one of the trash pickers, he started experimenting with making instruments with the given resources.

Who is Favio Chavez and what did he do?

Favio Hernán Chávez Morán (born December 5, 1975), is an Argentinian musician, environmental technician, and director of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, since 2012.

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