Readers ask: Where Is The Front Side Orchestra At The Fox Theatre In Atlanta Ga?

What are the best seats at Fox Theater Atlanta?

The Orchestra Level houses some of the best seats in the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The seats in the center sections within the first few rows are particularly in high demand for concert and theater events, since you’ll get the best view of the stage from these seats.

How many seats are in the Fox Theater in Atlanta?

The historic Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s premiere venues for live entertainment. The Fox’s 4,665 seat theatre hosts more than 150 performances a year ranging from Broadway to rock to comedy to movies.

What should I wear to the Fox Theater in Atlanta?

ATTENDING THE FABULOUS FOX. The Fabulous Fox Theatre does not have a dress code, and you will see a wide range of dress at most events. Dress for Broadway shows generally ranges from business casual to suits and dresses, while concerts tend to be more casual.

What are good seats at the Fox Theater Detroit?

All seats are really good. On the main floor I would try for seats between Row G and N Center, Rows D- K on either side. We had our 2.5 yr old grandson there for The Wiggles.

Are loge seats good?

11 answers. Yes, the loge seats are great for watching performances. 2nd row is also excellent-nothing in your way.

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What type of Theatre is the fox?

The Fox Theatre is a performing arts center located at 2211 Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, near the Grand Circus Park Historic District. Opened in 1928 as a flagship movie palace in the Fox Theatres chain, it was at over 5,000 seats the largest theater in the city.

What do you wear to a fox?

Dress Code, Dress Shmode

  • Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no specific dress code for events at The Fox.
  • Some events, like an opening night for a play or musical, will draw a dressier crowd as most people do enjoy dressing up to go to the theatre.

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