Readers ask: Side Orchestra Seats At Radio City Cost What?

How much are Rockettes tickets?

Ticket prices vary widely depending on date, time and location. The current cost can be as low as $49 for third-mezzanine seats in mid-November and as high as $500 for orchestra seats in mid–December.

Are there bad seats at Radio City Music Hall?

Are there any seats with restricted views in the Radio City Music Hall? While most seats in the Radio City Music Hall offer good to great views of the stage, the soundboard can offer minor obstruction for rows N-Z in Orchestra and Second Mezzanine. As you keep navigating further back, the view becomes unobstructed.

What are the best seats for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular?

Choosing seats:

  1. Avoid orchestra 1 and 7.
  2. Don’t seat too close to the stage.
  3. During November tickets for the show are usually not sold out.
  4. Middle seats have the best view, so aim for Orchestra 3, 4 or 5.
  5. First rows of the mezzanines also have a great view, you can see the whole stage from up there.
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What are the best seats at Radio City Music Hall?

Orchestra Seating and Rows at Radio City Music Hall: Orchestra seats are the most desirable and expensive at Radio City Music Hall and Rows range from the 1st row AA to the last row which is either row U or W depending on which section of the orchestra you’re looking at.

What is a Rockette salary?

What is the Rockettes’ salary? Typically, each Rockette receives a paycheck of between $1,400 and $1,500 each week. Because these famous dancers only perform seasonally, this only amounts to between $36,400 to $39,000 per year. The Rockettes do receive their benefits year-round, though.

How much does a Rockette have to weigh?

Height: 5ft., 5.5 inches to 5ft., 10.5 inches. Conservatively estimated weight per Rockette: 100 lbs. Weight of the “Radio City Rockettes”: Approximately 3600 lbs.

How are the seats at Radio City Music Hall?

By the early 1970s, the proliferation of subtitled foreign movies had reduced attendance at the Music Hall.

Is Radio City Music Hall closing?

15 months after closing, Radio City Music Hall reopens with Dave Chappelle film. New York — Fifteen months after shuttering for the pandemic, New York’s Radio City Music Hall reopened its doors Saturday for the Tribeca Festival premiere of a new Dave Chappelle documentary for a full-capacity, fully-vaccinated audience.

How many seats are in the Radio City Music Hall?

The word “balcony” has a certain nose-bleed connotation, and ticket buyers are less spooked by the word “mezzanine.” Front mezzanine seats are usually as good as orchestra seats, sometimes better, depending on the show. For a show with a visual sweep or intricate choreography, you might be better off in the mezzanine.

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Where should I sit to see the Rockettes?

Sit in the Second Mezzanine if you want to view the Rockettes dance formations and the entire Great Stage from above. If you’re wanting to view the Rockettes precise choreography and the immersive projections overhead on Radio City’s ceiling, buy tickets located in the Third Mezzanine.

What is a mezzanine seat?

Theatre mezzanine seats are all of the seats in the first balcony. These seats traditionally overhang approximately the first 12 rows of the orchestra seats. Also, the first row of any balcony seats is considered mezzanine seats.

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