Quick Answer: How Many Computers Needed For Vienna Ensemble Orchestra?

Is Vienna Ensemble Pro free?

The free Vienna Ensemble mixing host is automatically installed with the Vienna Instruments player that comes with every Vienna Instruments Library Product*. After having purchased and registered your product you may download this powerful software from MyDownloads.

Is Vienna Ensemble PRO a DAW?

View all VE Pro servers, instances, channels on the network and stay in one DAW Environment, no need for screen sharing or KVM.

What is Synchron player?

The Synchron Player engine is designed to manage multi-microphone recordings in a highly efficient and intuitive way.

What is the epic orchestra?

The Epic Orchestra is our largest orchestra, with 51 musicians. Featuring our largest string and brass sections the Epic Orchestra offers an enormous dynamic range, from the most delicate pianissimo, to the most roaring fortissimo.

What is VEP Pro Tools?

VEP helps take the load off DAWs like Pro Tools by running CPU intensive virtual instruments on a separate computer. Over to you Walter…

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