Question: How Long Is Trans Siberian Orchestra Ghosts Of Christmas Eve Concert?

How long is TSO Christmas concert?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra concerts typically last 2.75 hours.

How long is the TSO live concert?

Join us on Friday, December 18th at 8 PM EST for an intimate 90-minute performance of this beloved album. Tickets for this virtual event are on-sale now on

Where was Ghosts of Christmas Eve filmed?

This magical story – which features appearances from Atlantic recording artists Jewel and Michael Crawford – was filmed entirely on location at the newly refurbished and historic Loews Jersey Theatre in Jersey City, New Jersey, and includes performances of such tracks as “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Good King Joy,” ”

Who is the girl in Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

The Ghosts of Christmas Eve is a 1999 made-for-television film showcasing a Christmas music performance by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, starring Ossie Davis and Allie Sheridan.

How do I stream TSO on my TV?

How can I watch TSO On Demand performances on my TV? You can enhance your TSO On Demand experience by streaming the performance to a TV via Chromecast, Apple TV, AirPlay, and Amazon Fire TV. Audiences can also directly connect a personal computer to a TV using an HDMI or other cable.

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How can I become a TSO officer?

To become a transportation security officer, you need to have a high school diploma or GED certificate, and at least one year of experience working as a security officer or an x-ray technician. Transportation security officers are required to be U.S. citizens as well.

How much are TSO livestream tickets?

The ticket costs $30 and also includes access to a pre-show with behind-the-scenes footage and classic interview segments.

Will TSO be touring in 2021?

Nobody puts on a better holiday concert than the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the prog-rock group behind some of the biggest Christmas rock hits of the last 25 years — and they’re back on tour in 2021, so you can have the chance to hear the rock opera, live and in person!

What is TSO live stream?

TSO Live Streams bring you music in the moment, as members of the Orchestra perform beloved masterworks and crowd-pleasing pops programs from the stage of our own home, Roy Thomson Hall. Concerts will be announced on a rolling basis, and you can pay what you wish for your ticket by choosing from a few pre-set amounts.

What is the TSO story about?

On a snow blessed Christmas Eve a young man found himself alone in the back of an old city bar in the run down section of town. Using his solitary drink as something of a moat between himself and the rest of the world, he was surprised when an elderly gentleman asked to join him at his table.

Why did Jennifer Cella leave TSO?

“ I stopped touring because I wanted to start a family but was involved in the TSO studio recordings for many years with songs on the Night Castle and Letters from the Labyrinth albums. Both reached the Billboard Top 10.”

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