Often asked: Who Is In West Side Story Lit Orchestra At The Guthrie?

Who were the 3 main characters in West Side Story?

Tony, Maria, Anita, Bernardo and the Sharks, and Riff and the Jets all anticipate the events to come that night (“Tonight Quintet”). The gangs meet under the highway and, as the fight between Bernardo and Diesel begins, Tony arrives and tries to stop it.

What orchestra played West Side Story?

Symphonic Dances Form West Side Story was premiered by the New York Philharmonic on February 13, 1961, but the conductor was Lukas Foss.

Who are the leads in West Side Story?


  • Natalie Wood (Maria)
  • Richard Beymer (Tony)
  • Russ Tamblyn (Riff)
  • Rita Moreno (Anita)
  • George Chakiris (Bernardo)
  • Jose De Vega (Chino)
  • Ned Glass (Doc)
  • Simon Oakland (Lieutenant Schrank)

Did Tony and Maria sleep together?

Even though Maria and Tony sleep together, their relationship is constantly surrounded by dreamy words of love, commitment and wedding imagery. Later, in “A Boy Like That,” Anita warns Maria to stay away from him as he “wants one thing only” and “he’ll kill her love”, like he murdered hers.

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Who told Tony that Maria was dead?

If you’ve read Romeo and Juliet, you probably have a pretty good idea how this one ends, and as much as we love Tony and Maria, a future really just isn’t in the cards for them. Anita, angry about her treatment by the Jets, gets a phony message to Tony saying that Maria was killed.

How old is Maria in West Side Story?

That will make her 19-years-old at the time of West Side Story’s release. Although it’s never explicitly stated, some fans expect that the characters Maria and Tony are around the same age.

Is Tony in West Side Story white?

The Jewish girl – who eventually became the Puerto Rican Maria in West Side Story – was a holocaust survivor who had immigrated from Israel. The character that eventually became Tony – the Polish-Irish Catholic boy in West Side Story – was an Irish Catholic.

Does Maria dance in West Side Story?

History. Maria is a Puerto Rican migrant. At the dance, Maria is introduced to some of Bernardo’s other friends, but as they all begin dancing Maria spots Tony at the other end of the dance floor.

Where did Tony and Maria meet in West Side Story?

The boys and the girls sing about the good bad things about life in America. Tony meets Maria on the fire escape outside her building, and they confirm what we all suspected: they’ve got it for each other bad. They know they’re on opposite sides of this fight, but they don’t care. Love will do that to you.

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What happens at the dance between Maria and Tony?

During the dance, Maria and Tony meet, fall in love at first sight, and dance. Bernardo catches Maria and Tony in a kiss. Angry, he separates the two and calls for a “rumble.” Tony leaves the dance dreaming about Maria.

Why is West Side Story based on Romeo and Juliet?

West Side Story was based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – but its depiction of violence between New York street gangs meant the show was a long way from the typical Broadway fare of the ’50s.

Who was the dancer in The Fastest Gun Alive?

Sometimes the dark side overcomes what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” Very obviously, the internet has gone wild over Russ Tamblyn’s shovel dance in The Fastest Gun Alive.

Is Natalie Wood Hispanic?

The daughter of Russian immigrants, Natalie Wood was born Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko on July 20, 1938, in San Francisco, California, and started performing an early age. Her mother, Maria, enrolled her ballet classes as a small child.

Is Rachel zegler Hispanic?

Zegler was born in New Jersey to a Polish father and a Colombian mother.

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