Often asked: Take The A Train Was It A Signature Tune Of Which Musician And His Orchestra?

Who wrote Take the A Train song?

Today I have a little bonus for you, as I’m presenting for your listening pleasure TWO versions of the classic tune “Take the ‘A’ Train,” written by Billy Strayhorn for the Duke Ellington Orchestra. This song, which became Duke’s signature tune, is beloved all over the world.

Who performed Take the A Train?

“Take the A Train,” the signature tune of the Duke Ellington Orchestra, was recorded on this day in 1941. The song marked the beginning of a decades-long partnership between Ellington and a shy young songwriter named Billy Strayhorn.

When did the song Take the A Train come out?

The first time the saxophones lead with support from the trumpets and trombones, then Ray Nance (on muted trumpet) leads, and after a four-bar transition and corresponding change of key, the saxophones and Nance (on open trumpet) take turns improvising on the theme, finally closing with fading repetitions of the last

What is the structure of Take the A train?

“Take The ‘A’ Train” is written in the standard AABA 32-bar song form, which was typical of the Swing Era. If you’re just starting to learn it, begin by analyzing the chord progression. It starts with the tonic (CMaj7) chord, and then moves to D7b5.

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What is the meter of Take the A train?

– Take the A Train is in quadruple meter.

Did Ellington write take the A train?

Duke Ellington’s signature composition was “Take the A Train,” written by his frequent collaborator Billy Strayhorn. A seeming natural-born talent, Ellington composed his first ragtime number at age 14. In 1923, he would move from his home in DC to Harlem, New York, at the center of the blossoming Harlem Renaissance.

What is the meaning of Take the A train?

In 1939, pianist Billy Strayhorn wrote a song that would soon become the national anthem of the New York City subway transit system. The title of the song refers to the A line of New York’s subway train service.

What does catch a train mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English catch a train/plane/bus to get on a train, plane etc in order to travel on it, or to be in time to get on a train, plane etc before it leaves I caught the 7.15 train to London.

What is a call and response in music?

In music, call and response is a technique where one musician offers a phrase and a second player answers with a direct commentary or response to the offered phrase. The musicians build on each other’s offering and work together to move the song along and create a sound that’s inventive and collective.

Where is the A train?

At a whopping 31 miles, the A-train stretches all the way from Inwood in northern Manhattan to the Rockaways and Richmond Hill in southeastern Queens. Unlike other lines in the system, the A-train has four separate termini, with each acting as the gateway to four distinct neighborhoods.

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What year was take the A train?


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