FAQ: How Old Is The Lead Guitar Player For Trans Siberian Orchestra?

Who are the guitar players in Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Christopher Caffery ( born September 9, 1967 ) is an American musician, best known for his work as a member of Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Recently, Chris has been pursuing a solo career, releasing four albums since 2004.

How old is Joel Hoekstra?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is taking a step forward this year by taking a step back. The band, which was founded in 1996, suffered a crushing loss in 2017, when founder and leader Paul O’Neill died of an accidental drug overdose in Tampa, Florida.

Why did Jennifer Cella leave TSO?

“ I stopped touring because I wanted to start a family but was involved in the TSO studio recordings for many years with songs on the Night Castle and Letters from the Labyrinth albums. Both reached the Billboard Top 10.”

Is Al pitrelli married?

Pitrelli was a member of Megadeth from 2000 to 2002, replacing Marty Friedman. Megadeth bandleader Dave Mustaine asked him to join after hearing good reviews from their then-current drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, with whom Pitrelli played during his days with Alice Cooper in the early 1990s.

Where is Chris Caffery from?

Antonia Adelle Gianino, a daughter of Lucy Martin Gianino and Jack S. Gianino of New York, was married on Monday to Joel David Hoekstra, the son of Jean E.

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When did Joel Hoekstra join TSO?

In fact, one of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s most popular non-original members is long-haired rock guy Joel Hoekstra, who like Kim has — since 2011 — been a mainstay on the TSO East tour (a second set of musicians performs as TSO in the western U.S. concurrently from mid-November through December).

What kind of guitar does Joel Hoekstra play?

Hoekstra’s main electric guitars include a Gibson Les Paul goldtop ’57 reissue, various Gibson Les Paul Customs, a 50th-anniversary Flying V, an SG, a Howard Roberts, a Fender Jazzmaster, a Jackson PC1, and a striped EVH (several of them are fitted with Fernandes sustainers).

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